• Michael Aldana

What is an Ersdal "signal"?

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Ersdal zone therapy, a “master key” to the human body.

God created signals and they can’t be seen but only felt. This feeling can only be achieved by a trained Ersdal therapist. They are warning signs which indicate all kinds of problems that are occurring or about to occur and manifest as various abnormalities within the human body. The human hands are perfectly matched with the human feet and it is with these hands that we are able to do our work with the signals Dr. Ersdal, identified for us. The feet carry or show the appearance of signals and the hands move them away with by following Ersdal’s precise discoveries within E.Z.T. These discoveries are the main ingredient and represent this master key as the most important part of the curriculum of the E.Z.T. system. So this study highlights and includes exactly what, why, where and how we as therapists must deal with the signals. (If we are to achieve the outcomes which we are after. ) The astounding maps and charts show us the way but only if we are willing to follow the direction (of what the key is and how it is to be used. With the highly refined hypothesis which is absolutely part of E.Z.T. we too will discover as it guides us along within the body. This E.Z.T. treatment system is methodical and physiological in that it is a thorough health care method for a complete/total body treatment. The challenge for us it to rise to the standards set by the master and father of modern day zone therapy which was Dr. Charles Ersdal and now I these standards are administered by his lifetime predecessor, professor Terje Varpe. The SIGNALS as identified we call the master key and we deal with them in the Ersdal system. They are part of what our creator has made as tools to help us to be able to go within the body and are for our exclusive benefit as human beings.

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