• Michael Aldana

Ersdal in English and the U.S.A.

Michael Aldana is a native of Idaho and he was and still remains one of a very small number of Dr. Charles Ersdal’s original, fully trained loyal therapists. He has never changed what he learned but has maintained it.

Michael can assist you or any interested individuals as an instructor, North American students (from any background) to learn and understand the Ersdal & Varpe, E.Z.T. method and system. He is currently available for responding to inquiries and may be willing to travel to present the official Ersdal approved Norwegian zone therapy materials in English. The approved curriculum can be discussed with potential interested parties upon request. Please provide your contact information if you would like him to reply to you pertaining to the U.S. based school. Pictured here are Katri Nordblom and Michael Aldana.

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