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Charles Ersdal

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History of Zone Therapy

The Ersdal method (Ersdal Zone Therapy - EZT) was developed by the
Norwegian Charles Ersdal (1939-95). Charles Ersdal, earlier in his
life, was in charge of a large mechanical factory.  After being under much
stress and pressure at work, he suffered a serious stroke. This turned
his life upside down. With the help of zone therapy and other natural
medicine treatments, he overcame his ailments and this aroused his
interest in natural medicine. 

He then started his education around

1970 to become a practitioner in natural medicine.

Charles Ersdal was born in Bakke in the municipality of Flekkefjord in
1939.  He was the second oldest of seven children. His father was a
construction worker, while his mother took care of the small farmstead.

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After finishing school at age 15, Charles Ersdal left his childhood home.  He
started an apprenticeship at the shipyard in Kristiansand, while continuing
his studies.  He enjoyed his time as an apprentice.

He quickly rose in the ranks.  His great interest in engineering made him
decide to pursue technical drawing.  As his expertise grew, so did his
professional network. Soon various job offers led him to Stockholm, Sweden.

In Stockholm, Charles started his first engineering company.  The orders
started coming in, and the company expanded. He remained in Stockholm for
many years.  Soon he started to become homesick, and with new plans he
decided to return to Kristiansand.

He saw great opportunities in Norway due to his detailed knowledge, broad
business experience and great work capacity.  In 1963 he started his first
Norwegian company. Within a few years the company grew quickly and soon had
several employees

The company primarily delivered services to the engineering and
shipbuilding sectors.  The company also delivered expert services within
welding. Charles Ersdal headed the company himself.  At the time there was
great activity and demand for the services in the Nordic countries.

Managing the company, combined with meetings across Norway, put great
pressure on him.  Suddenly and unexpectedly he suffered a major stroke,
changing his life completely. During this period he came into contact with natural medicine.  Slowly but surely he regained his health.

This experience completely changed his views regarding his professional career.  He
decided to embark on a lengthy and non-traditional natural medicine
education in Germany.  There he studied anatomy, physiology, pathology,
chiropractic, homeopathy, phytotherapy, acupuncture, ear acupuncture, and
zone therapy at the European College of Natural Medicine (ECNM).


After years of study in Germany, in 1970, he started his zone therapy practice in Kristiansand. In the mid 1980’s he opened one of the first alternative medicine clinics
in Kristiansand, Norway.  It was called The Center for Alternative Medicine with a total of 7 therapists.   At this time, natural medicine was relatively unknown with few therapists.  As a consequence, there was a great demand for his services.


Charles Ersdal quickly became a familiar name. The practice grew rapidly as
did his reputation as a highly skilled practitioner.

Both his son, Robert, and his daughter in law, Tonje Ersdal, worked at the
clinic.  They soon became key professional supporters of Charles along with Terje Varpe.  (These three persons now continue Dr. Ersdal’s work.)

Over time, Dr. Charles Ersdal acquired vast experience in treating illness and disease.  Later he would use his years of experience and research to develop a comprehensive and detailed curriculum within Ersdal zone therapy.

This curriculum is now known internationally as the Ersdal zone therapy method E.Z.T.  His material is currently being used by many schools, both domestic and internationally and now in the U.S.A.

Through 25 years of research, Charles meticulously mapped the zone system of the
foot.  He discovered vastly more than was ever known about zone therapy and how it is believed to work. He has established zone therapy from a form of therapy with “little detail” to the “entirety” system his students know today.   In addition to the vast educational materials he produced, Dr.
Ersdal also developed a book on specific and accurate treatment techniques
within zone therapy. This is called “The Complete Treatment System.”

Due to his work and successes Charles Ersdal was a much sought-after speaker.  He spoke on a regular basis at the European College of Natural Medicine, Naturheilschule, Skandinavia, and later he was a guest speaker at several international institutes in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, the Soviet Union, Mexico, Canada and the U.S.A.

Dr. Ersdal traveled to the U.S.A. about a dozen times during the years1989-1995.

He taught in two different areas in the United States.  One area of the U.S.A. where he taught was in the greater Yellowstone region of south western Montana and later he taught in Utah. The other part of the U.S.A. where he taught was in La Crosse, Wisconsin. 

 In 2018, Terje Varpe authorized Michael Aldana as an instructor of E.Z.T. He was one of Dr. Ersdal’s original, fully trained, therapists from this time. Michael is now approved to represent the official, certified E.Z.T. system in the U.S.A and Canada.

Robert Ersdal


Robert Ersdal


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