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The Father of Zone Therapy:

Charles Ersdal

The Original Source In English

The premier school in America and is the door that can unlock your future with Zone Therapy

Charles A. Ersdal

The Ersdal method (Ersdal Zone Therapy - EZT) was developed by the
Norwegian Charles Ersdal (1939-95). Charles Ersdal, earlier in his
life, was in charge of a large mechanical factory.  After being under much
stress and pressure at work, he suffered a serious stroke. This turned
his life upside down. With the help of zone therapy and other natural
medicine treatments, he overcame his ailments and this aroused his
interest in natural medicine. 

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Committed to Ersdal Zone Therapy Education

What are they doing? Dr Ersdal and one of his students from Finland.

Welcome to charlesersdal.com  Our goal is to give our students the skills, experience and confidence they need in order to become successful Ersdal trained professionals. This picture of Dr Charles Ersdal and student was taken in Montana in 1993. Contact us to learn more! 208-538-0720 or e-mail Michael ersdalzt@gmail.com Were headquartered in South Eastern Idaho in the U.S.A.

Because you have found this site we are assuming it is either because you consider yourself a reflexologist OR what in some parts of the U.S.A. has become generally known because of him as a "foot zone therapist" of some kind.  When you contact us please let us know what you do in detail and what you refer to yourself as.  There are literally thousands of people doing good work on the feet who have not yet found out about our work.  

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Dr. Charles Ersdal's Norwegian approved training as created by Dr. Ersdal consists of  OFFICIAL NORWEGIAN materials (now in English) and are part of learning Ersdal zone therapy  (E.Z.T.)  so copyright laws still apply.  Learning Ersdal Zone Therapy is a very professional training administered directly from Norway.    This level of training set's Ersdal's system apart from anything  being taught in the U.S.  It will  be your  honor to use his name and his approved method when implementing E.Z.T.   First semester is 68 classroom hours. You will become a real, competent, natural health professional by learning E.Z.T.  Because it is a  standardized  branch of "naturopathy" or what some may call alternative/complementary health care. Copyright  © Mike Aldana

Updates from Foot Zone Therapy Education, Dr. Charles Ersdal method

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